Energy Efficiency is More Than Energy Conservation

Welcome to the Efficient Energy Savings website. You can find some Energy Efficiency Tips for your home or business here. Are you interested in saving some of your hard earned money on your gas and electric bills? This is a good place to find out more about it.


Looks or lighting? For a recessed light focused on a painting...try a LED bulb. These can be just as efficient and long lasting as a CFL (Compact Florescent Lights), but the light for this particular use is superior. Sometimes, CFLs are right, sometimes LEDs are better.

A Home Energy Audit is the place to start the process of saving money on your Energy Bills. You get a customized 'Energy Efficiency Plan' based on the specific needs of your home. This Plan will be prioritized, enabling you to make the most cost effective improvements first.

The Energy Efficiency Plan, sometimes called a conservation plan, is a your road map to effective efficient improvements. It is required to participate in the Efficiency Kansas Program or some other Energy Improvement Programs.

Building Performance is applied to a home, by considering the home as a whole. All parts of a building work with other parts. The house needs an effective thermal envelope (which is continuous insulation). Add to that an effective air barrier, in the right place. These systems then allow the air conditioning, or heating systems to do their jobs efficiently, which is to maintain comfort levels in the home.


If you are remodeling, insist on IC Rated recessed (can) lights. These are lights that can be in contact with insulation. Can (recessed) lights that are not rated as IC, cannot be in contact with insulation and proper installation lowers the effectiveness of your attic insulation.

The Efficiency Kansas Program can help homeowners, renters, and small business owners, implement their personalized Energy Efficiency Plan. This program provides low cost loans to Kansas Residents that allow the immediate implementation of an Energy Efficiency Plan, and allow the savings generated over the next several years to repay the loan.

A Certified Independent Rater works for you! The Independent Rater does not depend on your purchase of a specific product or service after your home rating is completed.

EES does not sell improvement products! We measure building performance and provide a prioritized Energy Efficiency Plan. For your benefit, please be sure you obtain an independent evaluation and not a product sales pitch.

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